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One act of Kindness can give Hope; one act of Compassion can give Faith; one act of Forgiveness can give Peace; one act of Courage can give Strength... ONE ACT OF LOVE CAN CHANGE A LIFE


#UnitedWeConquer… We must take action now! We must join together, say no to the evil and say yes to the good. The time is now! Are you willing to take the first step towards peace with me?

I believe in the good in people. I believe all lives matter. From Orlando to Dallas, I have watched as we wage a war amongst our own people. From gay to straight, black to white, male to female, we are all Americans and we must stop fighting each other. With each group, there are kind, generous people filled with love, and there are people who have been hurt and their anger has filled them with hatred. Those who allow the hatred to consume them cast a shadow over the others within their group. This is even more evident after watching the horror unfold in Dallas last week.

In Dallas, people came together for a peaceful protest because they wanted to be a part of history and change the future for their children. The majority of people involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement want a better world for their children to grow up in. They are not trying to create a war. Unfortunately, one person from their group used that time to show his anger to the world and spread hatred. We cannot let race divide us. We must stand together as one and say no to evil.

In order to promote peace and love, I am working to create a benefit concert to bring all sides together and to collectively raise money for the families of those who have recently lost their lives to hatred… Black, White, and Gay. We have all been hurt, and we need to come together, shake the hand of those on the other side and say no to evil. Together we are strong. Together we will persevere. Together we will show God’s love to the world.

The funds raised here will go towards production of the benefit concert. For example, lighting and sound equipment rental, advertising, etc. The concert itself will then raise money that will be donated in its entirety to the families of the fallen, from Dallas to Orlando to Minnesota. This is not about one side or another, this is about all of us together. This is about good vs evil. Together we will flourish in God’s love.

Help me create an event that will bring us together as one. Help me to spread love and compassion. Help others take a step towards our future. The only way to start that change is to bring people together and promote love for all.

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