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One act of Kindness can give Hope; one act of Compassion can give Faith; one act of Forgiveness can give Peace; one act of Courage can give Strength... ONE ACT OF LOVE CAN CHANGE A LIFE

My Mission

I constantly read about another mass shooting, another murder, another act of violence, another death. It breaks my heart to see so much evil, so much chaos. There are lots of bad people all around the world, but in many cases, the “bad” person became what he/she was taught. Many times, the person was hurt, unloved, and unprepared to handle their emotions.

I dream of a world filled with love and peace… one with people who do not judge each other, who do not hurt each other, who do not kill each other…

I know many people do not think it is possible, and is unrealistic. However, I stand firm behind my belief that it is possible for future generations to know a peaceful world. I believe that there are more people in the world who feel the same than the people who disagree, and all we have to do is stand together as one to make a difference and see a change. There is a high probability that I will not see the change in my lifetime, but that does not stop my hope and belief of a better future for our children.

I think the key is the children. I believe that if we can give all children the love, support, and encouragement they need, our world will flourish. As adults, we become stuck in our ways, made our decisions, and it will take a miracle to change our minds. Miracles are possible, every day miracles happen, but we could also strive to be better. As children, we are learning, growing, and evolving. If we teach all children about loving others, being compassionate, being kind and dreaming of a successful future, then we can change the world. Stop the pain before it occurs, and all dreams are possible.

I am a skilled problem solver, have helped many in the past one by one, and believe that I can help many more with the help of others. Together we can make a difference, and watch the world change. I will not judge you because I am not perfect. I will accept you in my heart as you are, and will love you as I have been loved. I believe love for others can conquer all evil because God is love. I do not fear God, I love Him and strive to make Him happy. I believe others want to spread LOVE. I pray others will join me in my mission to change the world.

Take the Pledge and help us make a change.

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