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Help Needed in Plano, TX

photo (1)Last night on July 1st, a fire consumed the home of a family of 5.  The family was on a bike ride together when an electrical fire started in the garage, then continued to consume the home, including the family dog.  With 3 children ages 5, 3, and 2, the family could only think about how thankful they were to not be home.  It was heartbreaking that the dog was not able to be saved, but they thanked God that their children were safe and unharmed.  They lost most of their items by either the flames or the smoke, including their car, but they are still staying positive.

If you would like to donate money or items, such as kids toys or clothes, please fill out the form on our contribution page!

When you see bad things happen to people, how do you react?  Do you feel bad, and then continue on with your day?  Does it resonate in your mind, and then pray for them?  As a Love Crusader, we believe in getting involved to lend a helping hand.  Sometimes prayer is all we can do, but at other times, there is more we can do.  We can make people aware of the situation, and encourage others to get involved.  We can help to raise funds or spread the word about donations needed.  Do not ever underestimate the power of prayer! If that is all you can do, then you are already doing a great thing for the one who needs help.  However, there are times we can also take time out of our busy days to help others.

This family is not connected to anyone here at The Love Regime, but we could not help ourselves to dive right in and try to help this family because that is what we would want someone to do for us if we were in their situation.  We put ourselves in other people’s shoes in order to help to the best of our ability.  What would you want someone to do for you if your house burned down?


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