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One act of Kindness can give Hope; one act of Compassion can give Faith; one act of Forgiveness can give Peace; one act of Courage can give Strength... ONE ACT OF LOVE CAN CHANGE A LIFE

Children’s Mission

cloudsHave you ever heard the saying, “Keep your nose in the books and your head out of the clouds?”  Children need to study and learn as much as they possibly can, but they also need to dream.  The dreams and desires are what drives us to success.  It pushes us to strive towards a future, a life.  The Children’s Mission is a crusade to give all children, no matter their roots or background, the same opportunities, the same love, the same ability to dream of any life they want.  We cannot force parents to love, care, and nurture their children, but we as a community can extend our love to all children in hopes of saving children from getting lost in the shuffle.

First and foremost, we must teach our children to be kind and compassionate.  Teach children to be aware of other children who may be in need, and to have the courage to befriend them.  Every child grows from friendships.  As parents, you can talk all day long, but in the end, it is the child who must put your teachings into action.  When children feel that their voice matters and their opinion has value, they will be more likely to stand up to their peers, to keep true to the values they were taught, and will not compromise their morals under peer pressure.  We must teach our children to love and to treat others as they want to be treated.  As adults, we become jaded by life.  We must preserve the heart of each and every child for as long as possible.  Are you a teacher or school administrator who would like to see change in their educational system?  Click here to contact us for more information!

Take the pledge and Become a Love Crusader:

I pledge to treat others as I would want to be treated.

I pledge to be observant of others in need, and to lend a helping hand.

I pledge to love others as I love myself.

I pledge to encourage others to spread love instead of hate or indifference.

I pledge to support the members of my community.

I pledge to help when needed, and offer assistance before I am asked.

I pledge to do my best in every situation, to show my love to others regardless of appearance, gender, race, religion, etc.

To solidify your pledge, please submit your name to encourage others to also pledge their love.  (Names will never be shared with the public, just a tally of how many love crusaders there are.)

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