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Harvey Relief

Since Hurricane Harvey hit Southeast Texas, I have watched people come out in droves to help one another.  Nestled in the wake of a tragedy came acts of love, and it was beautiful to watch.  There are still thousands of homes destroyed that need to be cleaned of debris and water damaged materials.  This page is set up specifically to bring help to the victims by matching volunteers with specific families.  I have heard a lot of talk about people being weary of organizations, which is why we are doing direct donations and direct volunteering.  Now let’s get to work fellow Texans!

VICTIMS OF HARVEY: You can request volunteers to come help you gut your house or you can ask for a specific item you are needing.  For example, you can say I need a queen sized bed.  A loving soul can then fill out the form to let us know they will help get you a bed, and we will connect the two of you.

VOLUNTEERS: Sign up to get notifications of people who need help gutting their house.  Even if you only have 1 day to donate, that would mean one more house gets help.  You can also take a look below at items being requested that you may want to donate.


Request Help or Volunteer

A list of items needed is coming soon!

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